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Who We Are

Vitruvian Home was founded with only one thing in mind: Quality. Homeowner satisfaction is our primary concern, and that can only be achieved with quality and swift work. This is why we contacted some of the best in the business for co-operation, so that a shining, and brilliant standard could be achieved. Too often have we heard customers complain about the shabby job done by this or that contractor, who in the end didn't even want to come and fix his own mistakes, unless another payment was made. To avoid these kind of missteps, and eventual customer mistrust, a written warranty will be provided upon conclusion of our works. If you are not happy with the work done, then neither are we, and our work will not be finished until you are content.

With all of this in mind, we decided that not nearly enough renovation companies were focused primarily on customer satisfaction, so we resolved to start our own. With more than 10 years of multi-national experience in the field, we are confident that the best job that can be done, will be done.