Solar that works at night!

(no, really.)

We are the re-seller, and certified installer, of Energie brand thermodynamic solar hot water, and central heating, systems. Best part? It works flawlessly on cloudy, and rainy, days too!

The Eco Line

How does it work?

The sun does not always shine. Winter days have an average of seven hours of light and only a few hours of sun. This lack of sunlight limits the effectiveness of traditional solar panels. The Eco line of thermodynamic solar panels overcome this constraint. This system heats all the water for your family, or commercial business, with great efficiency and major energy savings – even on rainy days and at night!

The systems work on the thermodynamic principles, namely evaporation, condensation and compression – all these processes generate heat. All you need is one lightweight aluminium solar panel, and our hot water cylinder with an in-built compressor and heat exchanger.

There is little to no maintenance required, the installation is quick, and the minimum life expectancy is 25 years. Not only that, but it also saves up to 85% on your utility bill.

But what’s the difference?

You might be wondering what the differences are between thermal solar/domestic hot water pumps, and this system. Other than saving you money on energy costs, there are other distinctions, which we’ve compiled into two handy lists, that you can find below.


The solar box

Happy with your existing installation, but want to save on your electricity bill anyway? We have just the thing for you.

Solar Box no words.png



The Solar Box is retrofitted to your existing cylinder, and still manages to save you up to 75% off your utility bill. There is no maintenance required, no risk of overheating, and no loss of performance over time. It also significantly reduces your carbon footprint, so you can save the Earth, while you save money.

No space? No problem!

The Solar Box is only 438 mm high, 367 mm wide, and 318 mm deep, so it can fit into almost any bathroom, no matter how small.

No access to, or no space on, the roof doesn’t present a problem either. The solar panel doesn’t have to be fitted on the roof at all. It can be hung vertically onto a wall, or balcony, or even mounted on the ground.

Central and Swimming Pool Heating

Contact us for more information on solutions for central, and swimming pool heating, which are completely clean, and completely cost effective.


Aquapura Line

Aquapura Monobloc.jpg


The Aquapura line of products use indirect solar energy, and therefore eliminate the need for a solar panel.

The Aquapura Monobloc water heater is an air-to-water type of heat pump, that uses the energy from the atmosphere to heat the water in the cylinder. Unlike other similar types of heaters currently on the market, this one doesn’t need a separate heat pump sitting outside your home.

It still manages to save on your electricity bill, as it is highly efficient, and uses electricity only to move heat, and not create it. As an extra boon, it also dehumidifies the air, and has an anti-legionella function.

If you, however, would prefer the classic split unit type of heat pump, we offer that too.

Aquapura Split


The Aquapura Split water heater, is an air-to-water type of heat pump, that (just as the Aquapura Monobloc) uses the energy from the atmosphere, and transforms it into a usable form. It is highly efficient, and can save up to 75% on your electricity bill.

Since it’s a split type unit, the cylinder sits inside, and the heat pump stays outside, ensuring complete silence in your home.

Evoterm Combi no description.jpg


Designed to lower your carbon footprint, and save you money with its energy efficiency, the Evoterm Combi combines three units into one compact package. Heating, cooling, and domestic water production can all be achieved with the installation of this exceptional heat pump.

Aquapura Inverter.jpg


We’ve got you covered there too.

The Aquapura Inverter is easily integrated with your existing installation, and is set up quickly, without much fuss. Because of its high efficiency, you should see the difference by about 30% in energy savings, regardless of the fact that you didn’t change your entire heating system.